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Quality Analysis AG May 2, 2024

Non-destructive testing - briefly explained

Quality assurance without compromise: Non-destructive testing such as computer tomography and optical measurement technology allow in-depth analyses of materials and components without damaging them. Learn more about these essential technologies.

Quality Analysis AG May 2, 2024

New at Quality Analysis: Glossary videos

Technical terms simply explained: In our glossary you will find explanations of technical terms and abbreviations relating to testing, measuring and analysing. Now with a short video. Have a click!

NETSTAL Maschinen AG December 20, 2023

Introducing: A new brand identity for Netstal

In October, we introduced our new brand identity. The values of leading, reliable and value-creating form the core of our tradition-rich brand. In doing so, one mission is our top priority: We want to work with you to increase your production efficiency and maximize your value creation.

EMS-GRIVORY October 4, 2023

More nature in winter sports - Greenline products

Ski touring and off-piste skiing are on the rise. EMS-GRIVORY responds to the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products and presents tailor-made PA610 products for this emerging trend sport.

Swiss Plastics Expo June 27, 2023

For the SPE Award winners, the sky was the limit

On Friday, 23 June 2023, the Swiss Plastics Expo exhibition team invited the winners of the Swiss Plastic Expo Awards from 2020 and 2023 to a joint excursion to Mount Pilatus.

Swiss Plastics Cluster March 20, 2023

Sustainability strategy for plastics companies

Through the Swiss Triple Impact programme, Swiss Plastics Cluster proposes a sustainability approach adapted to the challenges of the plastics industry.

IWK Institut für Werkstofftechnik und Kunststoffverarbeitung March 15, 2023

New technique for welding thermoplastic materials by friction stirring

Discover the friction stir welding technique, its specificities and advantages. You will see how this technology is applied to non-fibrous or fibrous thermoplastic polymers and guarantees high mechanical properties of the welded joint.

Swiss Plastics Expo March 13, 2023

Recycling of biosourced composites

Discover the research projects related to the recycling of flax-PP composites that allow Bcomp to orient its solutions towards a zero waste production.

Institut für Kunststofftechnik FHNW February 27, 2023

Consolidation of additive manufactured composites

The focus of this speech is the experimental and numerical analysis of the consolidation process for additive manufactured continuous fiber reinforced composites. You will receive insights of composite fusion performed to improve the final composite quality by reducing porosity and warpage.

MORPHOTONIX February 27, 2023

Extreme engraving for molded products

Counterfeiting decreases sales and erodes brands. With Morphotonix technology, brands can now secure and authenticate their products quickly and without any consumables, with diffractive, personalized and eye-catching elements.

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