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Competitive Advantages and Higher Margins thanks to Customized Compound Solutions

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About us

Do You Know the Following Challenges?

As an innovation leader, you are dependent on unique and exclusive compounds. Obtaining these is often a major challenge.

You have a low margin for your plastic components because you cannot technically stand out from your competition.

You can no longer sell your plastic components due to the introduction of new standards.

Your supplier no longer produces your compound and there is no replacement product.

You lose a lot of money in the production of your plastic components because you have to put up with a large scrap due to quality problems.

We support you

in solving your polymer challenges
in improving the processes
in the free of charge development of customized compounds
with the delivery of exclusive unique compounds

Your Added Value at a Glance

- We develop and deliver compounds tailored to your requirements
- The development is free of charge for you
- You can order tailored small quantities up to large series from us
- You receive exclusivity
- We accompany you in the whole process from the development to large quantities of series material


Let us discuss together how we can solve your compound problems.

Contact us by e-mail or call us directly: +41 41 552 48 00