Development of customized compounds

According to the specific requirements of our customers, Lapp Engineering develops tailor-made compounds. We formulate, produce prototype material in our in-house technical center and test the compounds according to the specification of our customers.

After a first analysis of the technical requirements as well as the market potential, Lapp Engineering develops a customized compound - the costs for the development are covered by Lapp Engineering.

Our compound solutions are:

  • halogen free flame retardant
  • highly filled
  • crosslinkable
  • electrically conductive
  • thermally conductive
  • bio-based or bio-degradable
  • and many more

If the development is successful, we supply our customers with the tailor-made material. The intellectual property for the development remains with Lapp Engineering.

The development is realized in Switzerland according to highest quality standards. The compound manufacturing is carried out in close collaboration with a global network of partners. Like this, we are always close to our customers.