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Swiss Plastics Expo April 28, 2020

Predicting Bio-inspired Surfaces

What do moth eye, gecko leg, lotus leaf and shark skin have in common? All of them have inspired researchers to develop applications with functions that mimic biological processes. At the Swiss Plastics Expo Dr. Lempesis, PICC Fribourg, talks about how nature can even initiate scientific innovation.

XINOMER AG July 16, 2019

Our Polymer Solutions – Your customized compound

In order that your products to stay one step ahead of the competition, we develop your tailor-made polymers– known as compounds. With our experience, our know-how and our equipment, we develop your customized compounds.

XINOMER AG July 12, 2018

Development of an e-beam crosslinked HFFR cable-compound

In close collaboration with the customer, an e-beam crosslinkable, halogen free and flame retardant (HFFR) cable-compound was developed for the Asian railway market.

XINOMER AG July 10, 2018

Development of customized compounds

According to the specific requirements of our customers, Lapp Engineering develops tailor-made compounds. We formulate, produce prototype material in our in-house technical center and test the compounds according to the specification of our customers.

XINOMER AG September 25, 2017

Process optimization with biopolymers

In the processing of biopolymers into technically demanding plastic components through injection moulding the processing parameters have to be individually adjusted. In close collaboration with the customer, the suitability of biopolymers for use in cable glands was successfully verified.

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