Consolidation of additive manufactured composites

The focus of this speech is the experimental and numerical analysis of the consolidation process for additive manufactured continuous fiber reinforced composites. You will receive insights of composite fusion performed to improve the final composite quality by reducing porosity and warpage.

The substitution of classic metal structures is possible with fiber-reinforced polymers due to their sustainable performance. However, a disadvantage of additive manufactured composites is the high degree of porosity, which leads to an unaccepted structural performance. With a post-consolidation process (additive fusion) following the printing process it is possible to improve the part's mechanical performance and therefore use fiber-reinforced polymers for load-bearing applications.

Numerical simulation of the consolidation process allows the manufacturing of these complex parts without cost-expensive prototyping iterations providing the evaluation of process-induced deformations, final engineering constants and porosity.

Speaker: Dr. Igor Zhilyaev, Institute of Polymer Engineering