Lightweight injection molded integral foams @Fakuma 18

The thermoplastic foam injection moulding process has high potential for lightweight constructions without losing rigidity. This makes it especially interesting for automotive applications. At our booth A3-3111 at Fakuma, we present the results of our research in this field.

Integral foams are foams have a compact outer skin and a porous core, with the core density continuously decreasing towards the centre of the component. The process can be particularly attractive for lightweight construction applications.


Research on foam injection moulding

The IWK is researching the thermoplastic foam injection moulding process and its potential. The research shows various benefits of the process:

  • Due to their sandwich-like structure, they have a very high lightweight construction potential with very rigid component properties
  • Despite a weight reduction of 20%, the same rigidity could be achieved with high-fibre-reinforced polyamides
  • Polamyides can be an alternative to back-moulding organo sheets
  • Thanks to the porous core, material can be saved
  • Cycle times and closing forces can be reduced during the injection moulding process


We are presenting our research on injection moulded integral foams at booth A3-3111.

The experts of the IWK are present at Fakuma and are looking forward to present the results of our research  and to get to know your applications. Contact us for an appointment.