Innovative solution for the guarantee of your quality claim

Computed tomography can be used to compare an object with a CAD model or with a second reference part. This means that deviations can be displayed precisely and in colour on the surface and a component can be inspected 100% instead of just selectively.

Target / actual comparison is an innovative solution for the guarantee of your quality claim.

By means of the target/actual comparison of MessX AG, an object can be compared directly with a CAD model or with a second reference component. The geometric deviations are displayed precisely in color on the surface. This possibility of evaluation not only allows a punctual check to be carried out, but the component is 100% recorded and checked. And 100% really means 100%. Undercuts, geometries that are difficult to access as well as geometries that are not visible from the outside are also checked and any deviations are visually displayed. This guarantees a generally understandable evaluation of the entire component. Industrial computed tomography makes this possible.


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