motan’s universal material flow and selection system assure that every desired connection of a material to a processing machine in your production process can be made quickly and reliably without contamination.

Central material supply using fixed piping has significant logistical and quality-relevant advantages over material supply to each individual machine: Much less space is needed for production and there is no need for costly forklift transportation. There is no material loss and the production area typically remains much cleaner. If the system is designed correctly, the entire material flow can be documented.

As the center of the material supply system, motan offers the material selection station METROLINK which can connect 16 material feedlines with 2 to 32 machines at the press of a button, automatically and without any mix-ups – on less than 1m²! The modular design of the station makes it possible to easily expand the system at a later date. In addition to the currently available systems with 45mm and 60mm pipe diameters, there is now also a 50mm version. Due to fine tuning of all versions, vacuum loss has been eliminated. As a result, energy consumption has been reduced and performance has increased.

Glass versus glass
The use of granules with increased percentages of glass fiber or certain recycled material can result in increased wear of the pipes. As an alternative to the standard stainless-steel pipes, motan-colortronic offers upon request pipe bends made from extremely wear resistant, PU coated glass. These bends are compatible with the stainless-steel versions and are shatter-proof and anti-static, resulting in significantly less maintenance.