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Kuraray Europe GmbH January 24, 2024

We can't do sustainability on our own

In an era where sustainability and transparency are becoming increasingly vital, the chemical industry is also forging new paths. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) enables chemical companies to scrutinize the entire life cycle of their products, providing a clear insight into sustainable practices

motan-colortronic ag December 14, 2023


motan’s universal material flow and selection system assure that every desired connection of a material to a processing machine in your production process can be made quickly and reliably without contamination.

motan-colortronic ag December 14, 2023


Hygienic design: Hopper loaders for the highest demands on safety and cleanliness. motan has designed the METRO G med material loaders especially for plastics processors in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

motan-colortronic ag December 14, 2023


motan´s new gravimetric batch dosing and mixing unit, absolutely true to the recipe and reproducible. Removable material hoppers - easy cleaning & quick material changes.

Ingenieurbureau Dr. Brehm AG November 27, 2023

EMS-GRIVORY October 6, 2023

EMS focuses on an integral sustainability strategy

The integral sustainability strategy chosen by EMS includes the use of environmentally friend-ly energy sources in production, such as hydropower and biomass, the development of inno-vative materials and the provision of sustainable polymers to its customers.

Swiss Plastics Expo June 16, 2023

From discussion at a trade fair to company merger

As the crow flies, the distance between the two companies Torson Kunststofftechnik AG and Injex AG in Zurich was barely 350 m. But they only became acquainted at the 2020 Swiss Plastics Expo in Lucerne. Today, these two companies are working towards a common cause – as Torson Injex AG.

Swiss Plastics Expo March 20, 2023

Adhesion promotion and new material combinations: overmolding of plasma functionalized surfaces

"Binding what does not bind" is the motto of plasma surface functionalization. Innovation often requires that two materials that naturally do not bond must be joined. Plasma surface functionalizations are an elegant solution to overcome this challenge.

Milimex AG March 6, 2023

Processing of biobased polymers

Bioplastics from agricultural residues offer clear advantages in terms of environmental protection. Like all products made out of natural elements, they are very variable. So how can they be processed? Find out more in the speech.

Ingenieurbureau Dr. Brehm AG August 11, 2022

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