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New training centre in Frauenfeld/Switzerland

Always in top form with ENGEL training where you are: we offer you and your employees individual seminars and targeted training programs at our global training centres. There are regular sessions at ENGEL Switzerland.

Machine and robot training at the Frauenfeld training centre

A fully-featured all-electric training machine with viper robot and several injection moulds for practical trials during the training sessions is available at the new training centre in Switzerland. Additionally, every participant can perfectly train the operations for setting up a production run with the ENGEL virt Mold simulation.


Training – more efficiency in injection moulding

Enhanced product quality, more stable processes and boosted output with a maximum of good parts – a thorough understanding of your injection moulding machine, your robot and the interaction of individual process steps enables you to get more out of your injection moulding system. Whether for beginners or advanced users – ENGEL training will bring your employees up to pace.


Small groups. Big effect.

The group size is restricted to a maximum of 8 participants - this gives the trainers the ability to adapt to individual needs and gives each participant the best possible support. This in turn ensures the perfect pace of learning and a personal atmosphere in which participants can learn more effectively.



Please register as early as possible (4 weeks before the start of the seminar), as the number of participants is limited for all seminars. You will receive confirmation of participation with all data one week before the seminar begins at the latest.


All about training

Training duration: Daily from 9.00 to 16.30 hrs. | Training location: ENGEL Training Centre Frauenfeld

Training includes:

  • Instruction by competent trainers
  • Seminar materials
  • Lunch and beverages during breaks
  • Confirmation of participation


Please be advised that the registration is possible up to 4 weeks before the start of the program. For further questions, please contact us directly.  


 The training programme

CC300 machine operation seminars

  • ENGEL operator basics (EOB) Basic skills for operating ENGEL injection moulding machines
  • ENGEL operator advanced (EOA) Advanced skills for operating ENGEL injection moulding machines 

CC300 robot operation seminars

  • ENGEL robotics basics (ERB) Basic skills for operating ENGEL viper linear robots
  • ENGEL robotics advanced (ERA) Advanced skills for operating ENGEL viper linear robots 

iQ – intelligent Quality

  • Seminar for optimum setup of iQ weight control, iQ clamp control and iQ flow control
  • Registration by email to:

Customer-specific training

  • Additional dates for seminars, or courses specially tailored to your requirements, are available on request – at the Frauenfeld Training Center or at the customer's site, with your machines and processes. We would be happy to advise you personally on this in order to mutually determine the optimal training effect.
  • Registration by email to: