Sturdy material for skin contakt

The KITRIS data tracker for tennis players places high demands on the materials used: contact with the skin, sunscreen, sweat, body lotion or anti-mosquito spray. Find out why Mythentec was the right partner to realize this innovative product.

Initial situation

KITRIS Tennis is an analysis and learning system for coaches and players. It is based on the collection of millions of game data with a hand-held data tracker. The Swiss startup was looking for support in re-engineering a product designed in the Netherlands so as to make it suitable for plastics processing. In addition to this, Mythentec was also tasked with the industrialisation and production of the plastic components and the design and commissioning of downstream processes such as ultrasonic welding and laser marking.



The most demanding task involved the selection of suitable materials, as the tracker would be in constant contact with the skin during sports activities and may be exposed to a variety of aggressive contact substances (e.g. sun cream, perspiration, body lotion or insect repellent). Mythentec developed a network for the procurement of supplementary housing components and has since been responsible for the direct purchase of these products.


Injection moulding

Favourable framework conditions and low initial costs for the market launch were achieved through the use of multi-cavity moulds. The commissioning of injection moulds, ultrasonic welding and optimisation were carried out on site of a competent partner’s facility in China. All parts are coloured with masterbatches to ensure a rapid reaction to market demands.


Further processing

The scratch-resistant coated display is machined and then decorated by means of a screen printing process. The display, front frame, base plate and main frame are ultrasonically welded by Mythentec, while an adhesive hydrophobic fabric is used to cover the microphone. All trackers bear a consecutive serial number applied by laser marking to aid batch traceability. The display and laser marking are covered by a protective film. This film can be removed without leaving any residue.