Testing a "Stradivarius" violin by CT-scan

In most cases, MessX AG analyzes technical components using computed tomography. However, also antique objects can be inspected in detail with this technology. Learn how the company used computed tomography to examine the current and hidden conditions of two world-famous violins.

Industrial computed tomography

MessX AG uses industrial computed tomography (CT) to completely X-ray objects and rotate them through 360° in a cone X-ray beam. During this process, thousands of individual images are taken, which are then reconstructed into a three-dimensional computed tomography volume body.


CT-scan of the violins "Stradivari" and "Ruggeri"

Schenk Geigenbau, is the specialist in the field of violin making. In addition to restoring these instruments, Schenk Geigenbau also carries out appraisals.

In order to ensure that nothing remains concealed, Schenk Geigenbau contracted MessX AG to examine the interior of a "Stradivarius" and a "Ruggeri" in detail, in addition to the external examination. 


The CT-examination had the following objectives:

  • Assessment of the general conditions
  • To make any potential repairs visible, e.g. of the soundpost patch and the corner blocks
  • To see the depth of soundpost patch
  • To record the current state of the instruments digitally, e.g. for a comparison after an award ceremony


Data for further evaluations

These computed tomography data forms the basis for all further possible evaluations and allows completely new insights.

A CT-scan offers new possibilities in the assessment of the condition of instruments. This in turn allows the preparation for valuations and insurance reports. With the help of CT-images, the exact extent of damage can be identified, which allows a serious cost estimate for the restoration of exclusive instruments.


Infinite possibilities

Whether for the inspection of a "Stradivarius" violin or for the examination of an additive manufactured component, the possibilities around the industrial computed tomography are nearly infinite.

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