ENGEL at the Swiss Plastics Expo in Lucerne

Experience the ENGEL medical focus live at the Swiss Plastics Expo, where high-performance and extreme precision are required. .

ENGEL medical live at the Swiss Plastics Expo

At ENGEL, medical is the focus at Swiss Plastics. On the two days of the fair, housing parts for medical devices will be produced on an e-motion 160 combi injection moulding machine under realistic production conditions.

The motto is: more is less. To reduce the cycle time, ENGEL has split the producing process of the thick-walled housing parts into two components. Since both injection moulding steps take place simultaneously, the overall production efficiency is increased.


ENGEL e-flomo premium - faster set-up, less maintenance

The e-flomo premium electronic temperature control water manifold system by ENGEL goes on show at Swiss Plastics Expo with a new feature. Automated sequential blowing out of the manifold circuits in the injection mould accelerates the mould set-up and extends the service life of the moulds. 


We look forward to your visit!

Swiss Plastic Expo | 21.01.2020 - 23.01.2020 | Lucerne, Switzerland
Fair Lucerne
Hall 1 / A 1001