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Book Temperature Control Technology: Theory and practice

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The temperature is an important process parameter in many processing operations. This applies in particular to the plastics-processing industry. Here it is often necessary to add or remove heat from moulds and machine components. The present book intends to highlight the correlations and dependencies in industrial temperature control so as to increase the understanding of temperature control technology and to better understand its typical processes. Since HB-Therm temperature control units are mainly used in this field, many of the examples that are given come from this particular area of application. Of course, the basic physical principles are also valid in other applications. The contents are suitable for a wide variety of readers. In addition to information on equipment technology there are also tables with material properties and process values as well as details on various applications.

About HB-Therm AG

HB-Therm is one of the leading manufacturers of temperature control units worldwide. Since 1967 HB-Therm AG has been developing and producing innovative „Swiss-made“ temperature control technology to the highest quality standards. With its comprehensive know-how and motivated workforce, the company has succeeded in becoming the technology leader in its sector.
This Swiss family enterprise employs around 120 staff and has established itself as a systems supplier offering seamless customer support from machine design through to a complete after-sales service. Production is exclusively in St. Gallen. Own subsidiaries (Sales & Service) in Germany and France as well as 40 other national agencies are representing HB-Therm around the globe.

The author

Philipp Geisser was born in 1954 and studied electrical engineering while working after having completed his professional training as an electrician. He headed the development department of HB-Therm temperature control units from 1980 until 2007. Since then he is responsible for technology, especially for the advance development, new temperature control technologies and special projects.