Product Highlight

GX Series

The GX Series sets new standards regarding performance, user comfort and value stability. Thanks to the modular design, the compact dual platen clamping unit can be individually configured with all available injection units.

GX Core Features:

• Hydromechanical two-platen clamping technology
• Clamping force range: 4,000 to 9,000 kN
• GuideX: High-performance guide shoe
• Outstanding shot weight consistency
• Multiple applications

GX Highlights:

High-performance thanks to

• Very short dry cycle time (2.3 s)
• High precision with maximum dynamic performance
• Low energy consumption

User-friendly thanks to

• Outstanding accessibility
• Fast tooling-up
• An intelligent, user-friendly control system

Value proven thanks to

• A robust clamping and injection unit
• Low maintenance costs
• Easy readjustment