Product Highlight


In order to dry hygroscopic plastics for small material throughputs or stand-alone applications, motan has developed the new, mobile dry-air dryers LUXOR E A and LUXOR EM A. Equipped with a permanently installed drying bin, the compact dryer is available with 60, 100, or 150 litres volume.

The LUXOR E A models of the new range can be integrated into existing systems. They are designed to be connected to existing conveying systems. Alternatively, they can be equipped with their own stand-alone material loader.

The LUXOR EM A dryers, on the other hand, are self-sufficient, moveable stand-alone units, for isolated application, for example. As standard, they are equipped with integrated dry-air drying and a side-channel blower, as well as a small, monitored cyclone blower protection filter. The cyclone filter consists of an easy to clean fine filter cartridge and a transparent dust collection bin. The pipe work for dry-air conveying with rigid hose connections ensures that the suction box is protected from environmental air and filled with dry-air. This is why material can remain in the suction box even during down-times, as it continues to be a dry environment, protecting the material from reabsorbing moisture.

The LUXOR EM A version dryers have up to three METRO-G material loaders for operation, in order to supply the drying bin and up to two processing machines. Optionally, METRO-G material loaders with an installed METROMIX proportioning valve can be installed, so that regrind from production can be dried and immediately returned to the processing process. In order to adjust the amount of regrind, the proportioning valves are integrated into the controls.

The new dryers operate in a closed process cycle in combination with temperature-controlled regeneration. You can optionally also fit them with dew-point-controlled regeneration. The closed-cycle drying process has the huge benefit, that the dryers continue to operate stably even at high environmental moisture content, although a low dew-point may be required.

Both dryer ranges are controlled and operated via the LUXORnet EM controls, which are also new. They are operated via a colour touch-panel with self-explanatory illustrated guides. All functions for drying, conveying and the operation of the proportioning valves can be set easily. A weekly timer is also integrated.

Operation is also user friendly after a re-start: Employees need only to select the material which needs to be dried and start the system. Filling of the drying bin and the material specific pre-drying then occurs automatically. The unit will signal when production can be started. Along with the integrated database with the drying parameters of over 70 types of plastic, a second database is available for the customer with free slots for the parameters of up to 50 materials.

Via an Ethernet interface the dryers can be integrated into existing networks. This means that all functions can also be operated from a superordinate system. The drying system’s data can also be collected centrally.

Both ranges can be equipped with options already familiar from larger drying systems, for example with a dew-point gauge, dew-point-controlled regeneration, or with ETA plus®- energy saving technology with automatic air flow adjustment and temperature reduction.

motan-colortronic delivers the dryers pre-installed with all chosen options. All functions are previously tested in a factory setting. Only the material loaders need to be set-up after delivery. After a short installation, the dry-air dryers are ready for use. A benefit regarding their flexible operation is the compact design of the dryers. With only 60cm depth, they can be used in even the tightest production spaces.