Product Highlight

MX Series

Our MX Series is recognized around the world and is principally characterized by the hydro-mechanical dual platen clamping unit. The performance spectrum ranges from compact injection molding units with basic automation through to highly complex production cells and complete factory planning.

MX Core Features:

•Hydromechanical two-platen clamping technology
•Clamping force range: 8,500 – 55,000 kN
•Plasticizing unit with high shot consistency
•Expanded product range available
•Robust clamping unit for heavy molds

MX Highlights:

High-performance thanks to

•Maximum speed combined with maximum precision
•Outstanding melt quality and excellent shot weight    consistency
•High level of part quality

Versatile thanks to

•Customer-specific solutions
•A wide range of technologies
•An intelligent, user-friendly control system

Durable thanks to

•Construction and components optimized according to    load case
•Low maintenance expenses and simple retrofitting
•Intelligent pairing of premium-quality materials