Spherical Powder Techology: PEEK plastic powder under 80y

Increased time efficiency, less material loss, greater surface quality – the spherical powder technology (SPT) from the Dressler Group opens up completely new possibilities, for instance in moulding and 3D printing.

Simultaneous cost reductions and quality increases are actually mutually exclusive. Unless production becomes more efficient. For moulding and 3D printing applications, for instance, the Dressler Group has achieved just that with its spherical powder technology (SPT): increased efficiency combined with higher quality. Using the SPT spraying procedure, it is possible, for instance, to produce powders made from PEEK plastics with a fineness of less than 80y. That has been impossible until now.

For customers from all key industries, such as aerospace, vehicle construction and pharmaceutics, this means increased efficiency due to the omission of processing and cleaning steps, greater material utilisation, improved surface properties and immense design-related freedom when producing individual components. Also and especially with highly complex, resilient and durable structures. SPT powders are extremely free-flowing and, due to customer requests, completely free of additives.

The Dressler Group has been specialising in plastic grinding for three and a half decades and has also been undertaking fundamental research and development right from the start. Together with customers, it also develops individual solutions for applications that have actually been considered impossible until now. From gram-based test grinding to large quantities, exactly reproducible and just in time.