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HB-Therm AG 6. October 2020

Unit calibration ex works

Even highly accurate probes and sensors have their tolerances. For example, up to 6 °C of the process temperature often remain undetected when a temperature control unit is replaced. With our device calibration ex works, we ensure reliable and reproducible temperature control.

Semadeni Plastics Group 6. October 2020

How laboratory equipment contributes to climate protection

What would happen if an invention was made which allowed the industry to neutralise its CO2 emissions and thus stop climate change? In the global flight against carbon dioxide, a solution ready for mass production could soon save the planet from a climate shock.

HB-Therm AG 29. September 2020

Eco-pump: Process reliable energy savings

With the Eco-pump from HB-Therm you can really save money and are also highly flexible when tempering molds. Eco-pump automatically regulates the speed without endangering the process. The energy savings can be recorded and shown on the display.

EMS-GRIVORY 30. October 2019

EMS high-performance polyamides for a rapid charging system

The Swiss cable specialist, Huber+ Suhner, relies on long-glass fibre technology (LFT) from EMS- GRIVORY for the main components in its RADOX® HPC high-power charging system. The rapid charging system is being used in electric vehicles.

RINCO ULTRASONICS AG 26. September 2019
Service Highlight

Ultrasonic welding and ultrasonic cutting

From the standard machine to the customer-specific solution for OEMs, from the smallest component to the largest complete system: Each of our products contains unique technological expertise, embodies decades of experience and delivers enormous flexibility.

Semadeni Plastics Group 13. November 2018

Fertilizer from urine – bottles made from recycled material

Valuable nutrients are extracted from urine and used as fertilizer using a new recycling process. The Semadeni Plastics Group produces the packaging material of the fertilizer, consisting of 100% recycled PET, and thus makes a further important contribution to the recycling economy.

Mythentec AG 15. August 2018


DAYSY is an intelligent ovulation calculator with app support that records individual menstruation cycles and evaluates these for birth control or pregnancy planning.

Dressler Group 12. December 2016

Spherical Powder Techology: PEEK plastic powder under 80y

Increased time efficiency, less material loss, greater surface quality – the spherical powder technology (SPT) from the Dressler Group opens up completely new possibilities, for instance in moulding and 3D printing.

SFS intec AG, Kunststoffwerk 3. November 2016

Over-moulding of functional geometries onto carrier bands

The CardaFlex®-technology enables precise and continuous over-moulding of diverse functional geometries onto different carrier bands to produce force transmitting parts.

prodartis AG 13. September 2016

Solar flight with laser sintered battery cooling system

Solar aviation requires pioneering achievements - in any discipline. Complex flow-optimized ducts of a cooling system are additively manufactured and allow a highly efficient battery cooling.

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