Swiss Plastics Platform provider at the Fakuma 2024

From October 15 to 19, 2024, the plastics industry will meet at Fakuma in Friedrichshafen.

Fakuma, the international trade fair for plastics processing, will be the meeting place for the plastics industry from October 15 to 19, 2024. We are enabling providers from the Swiss Plastics Platform who are exhibitors at Fakuma 2024 to have an additional digital presence on the Swiss Plastics Platform. The providers will be presented on this event page with their profile as well as their contributions and events at Fakuma.

Providers at Fakuma 2024 Contributions to Fakuma 2024

What are the advantages of a digital presence on the Swiss Plastics Platform?

  • They receive additional visibility on the Swiss Plastics Platform and thus reach over 7000 users.

  • Your contributions with information about your appearance at Fakuma are sent via personalized e-mails and generate attention and new contacts.
  • You can use events to draw visitors' attention to your Fakuma presentation and invite them to attend.

Offer for providers

We are exhibitors at the Fakuma 2024

From July, all Swiss Plastics Platform suppliers who will have a stand at Fakuma 2024 will be listed here. The suppliers who were present at Fakuma 2023 are listed below.

What providers will be showing at Fakuma 2024

All contributions and program items with the contribution label «Fakuma 2024» will be displayed here from July. Present your products, services or innovative new products that you will be showing at Fakuma in the fall.