Product Highlight

Flow meter Flow-5

The Flow-5 external flow meters monitor media circuits connected in parallel and detect changes at an early stage before rejects occur. Early detection of flow problems eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming maintenance.

External flow meters dependably and continuously monitor parallel media circuits

There is a risk with parallel media circuits frequently found in plastic processing of changes in the flow often remaining undetected due to the fact that the media flow is simply redistributed onto the other channels. To reliably get to grips with this matter, HB-Therm has Flow-5 meters in its range which continuously monitor the parallel media circuits and detect changes at an early stage before any scrap is produced.

Parallel temperature controlling of a number of media circuits ensures constant, homogeneous temperature control and a high degree of part quality. The overall flow is greater and temperature differences between main and return line are smaller. Cost and energy economies are possible since parallel temperature control means the need for fewer temperature control units.


Smart and convenient

The HB-Therm flow meters are available in two different designs. The ‚unit attachment’ design is directly connectable to a Thermo-5 temperature control unit. The ‚autonomic’ design can be positioned at will. Thus, it can be placed, for instance, on the mould clamping plate of the injection moulding machine.

Unique are the flow meters in that they can withstand 180 °C for water and 200 °C temperatures for oil, respectively and also in view of their large 0,4 to 40 L/min measuring range. The Flow-5s are long-serving and sturdy thanks to a flow meter without moving parts and a fully corrosion-resistant hydraulic circuit.

Flow-5 meters permit the individual process powers of the circuits to be calculated. Support comes to the user from functions such as the automatic limiting value setting and USB data recording for subsequent Excel evaluation. In addition, a precision regulating valve in the autonomic design permits the flow to be hand-set.  

The flow and temperature for each circuit is precision-monitored in a fully automatic manner ultrasonically and with a Pt 1000 temperature sensor. In this way, Flow-5 can be deployed as an "early warning system" for arising problems before they result in poor part quality in production.

The flows of the individual Flow-5 circuits are transferred via an interface on the unit, via remote control or directly to the machine control. Actual representation on the machine control depends on the manufacturer and software involved.

Flow-5s detect problems in ongoing production at an early stage and protect the moulds. After all, early detection of flow problems saves the company from complex and expensive maintenance at a later stage.