Product Highlight

Lifetime warranty on heating registers

Manufacturer is global pioneer in issuing lifetime warranty on heating registers. The company extends its manufacturer’s warranty on these key components to the entire service life of the unit.

On the Safe Side with HB-Therm

It goes without saying that technological progress and innovation are primarily to serve the customer. HB-Therm proves just that in a very special way for its heating registers in the Thermo‑5 temperature control units. The company extends its manufacturer’s warranty on these key components to the entire service life of the unit. This represents not only quality and performance benefits for the customer but also an economic plus. After all, those acquiring a Thermo-5 temperature control unit no longer need to worry about the heating process within the unit. In the unlikely case of a failure occurring HB-Therm will provide the replacement heating register free of charge. This presents a completely new comparison basis for investment in Thermo-5 units!

The innovative technology of the HB Therm heating register has stood the test of time and the figures speak for themselves. Of the approx. 80,000 heating registers in operation, only 0,3 % fail on a yearly basis. These figures clearly testify to the fact that the HB-Therm developed heating element without direct contact to the heat transfer medium presents clear-cut benefits over the standard heating concepts.


Comparison: Heating elements with and without direct contact to the heat transfer medium

HB-Therm is fully familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of heating elements in direct contact to the heat transfer medium as all their units up to the Series 3 (of up to 15 years ago) employed the very same concept. The efficiency of this kind of heating element is certainly appealing as the entire electrical energy is directly supplied into the medium without any losses. This is a strong argument but, even so, this heating principle had a distinct drawback – its short service life. Sooner or later, the direct contact with the heat transfer medium propagated scaling, stress cracks or corrosion on the heating coils. The principle for these occurring is quite easily explained. With the water reaching boiling point at the heating element the change of the aggregate state causes bubbles to form. The contact surface of the bubble at the heating element partially overheats, eventually ending in stress cracks. The medium now seeping through these cracks into the heating element finally provokes its failure. In addition, lime scale is deposited at the said contact surfaces which acts as an insulation layer negatively impacting heat transfer. The continuing heating failures in Series 3 units contradicted HB Therm’s own quality notion and drove the motivation for the development of a proprietary heating register. HB-Therm engineers developed a concept with an ingenious system which incorporated many benefits and minimized drawbacks.

HB-Therm’s solution is well thought out down to the last detail. As the heating coils now no longer directly contact the heat transfer medium no stress cracks can develop. A superimposed system pressure prevents the water from changing the aggregate state, thus effectively inhibiting bubble formation. The electrical energy is optimally transferred to the heat transfer medium in the heating register and solid state relays ensure an even load distribution on all three phases. Three integrated bi-metals elements provide emergency protection from unlikely overheating. The perfectly insulated heater package effectively prevents any uncontrolled radiation of heat. Corrosion is also eradicated by using stainless steel components.

Leading edge energy efficiency is achieved with the interaction of all features. The heat transfer circuit without a tank minimizes circulation quantities, tempering only as much heat transfer medium as necessary. The forced flow in the heating register optimally transfers the electrical energy to the heat transfer medium and thus into the mould itself. Finally, the high energy efficiency is revealed in the waste heat of the total system and a sophisticated cooling concept with only few ventilation slots in the housing reduces heat losses to an absolute minimum.


Globally unique: Life time heater warranty

The above benefits are the basis for HB-Therm’s world-wide unrivalled offer to its customers. This particular scope emphasises HB Therm’s own dedication to quality and longevity through technological advancements. The warranty thus becomes a strong argument in making the purchasing decision. After all, it is no longer simply a matter of the least expensive offer but of the quantifiable, qualitatively highest-grade, most energy efficient and the longest lasting one. In this comparison the Thermo-5 temperature control units from HB-Therm are surely at the forefront of the temperature control market sector.