Research and development in injection moulding / PUR

The IWK is the research and development partner for companies in injection moulding and PUR. The Institute can develop fundamental solutions for problems of practical relevance.

Do you have a challenge in the field of injection moulding and polyurethane (PUR)? We are your project partner for application-oriented research and development. Our experts, our know-how and our modern infrastructure are at your disposal to develop a solution.


From the idea to the finished product

The IWK deals with questions along the entire value chain from the idea to the finished product. The use of innovative tool and process technology offers the possibility of integrating functions and subsequent processes to achieve special component properties or economical production. Work steps such as assembly, decoration and packaging are integrated into the manufacturing process as far as possible. Time and labour-intensive work steps are saved and purchased parts may be dispensed with. Usually special processes are used here, such as multi-component injection moulding, film back injection moulding, foaming of plastics or injection stamping.


Modern infrastructure

A modern infrastructure is available for these process technologies, with which processes close to series production can be run. This ensures the development of meaningful results and transfer to industry. The experimental investigations are supplemented by computer-aided tools for calculating the flow behaviour and for structural analysis.

A great deal of experience is also available for claims investigations. The focus of the analysis and consulting is on the evaluation of component design and process technology on the basis of microscopic examinations.

These projects are usually partly financed by the CTI, a foundation or the HSR.


The iwk's special fields in injection moulding/PUR are:

  • Material selection and development
  • Component layout
  • Filling simulation and structural analysis
  • Back-moulding of plastic and metal foils for decorative or
  • Functional purposes
  • Further special processes
  • Process and tool technology
    Pprocess development
  • Material and component testing
  • Substance data determination
  • Microstructure and damage analysis

Contact us with your challenge in the field of injection moulding/PUR for an initial, non-binding conversation.