Product Highlight

To ensure channels stay truly clean

Reduced water quality can have immense consequences for the temperature control circuit. The Treat-5 water treatment unit is used to supply system water to temperature control units and reliably prevents the consequences of poor water quality.

To ensure channels stay truly clean

Reduced water quality can have immense consequences for the temperature control circuit. Treat-5 prevents this easily and safely.

In cases where, for instance, water temperatures above 140 °C, rotary unions or restricted temperature control channel cross-sections place additional requirements on water quality, then the need is to deploy mobile system water supply units, such as HB-Therm’s Treat-5.

The consequences from poor water quality are ruled out as this unit supplies temperature control units with treated system water. This reduces any faults, wear and maintenance to a minimum and thus assures all moulds of a long service life. Process safety is ensured under ongoing operation thanks to a perfected transfer of heat between medium and mould, exact temperature control and an unimpeded flow of media in all the circuits. Treat-5 features a straightforward, ecological form of operation and requests the user at regular intervals to check on system water quality.


How a Treat-5 is to operate: simply, intelligently and conveniently

Easy to operate, a clear display and convenient functions – this aptly describes Treat-5. The menu is in 21 different languages making navigation, for instance, extremely intuitive, as a result. The user receives precise explanations at the touch of a button. The highly-contrasted colour display ensures clear-cut indications at all times, with display windows and values being selectable.

Other comfort functions comprise the interactive user guide allowing the use without prior knowledge, a straightforward instruction on system water quality monitoring, precision-calculated quantities on the water treatment agents needed, an integrated log book for logging the course of treatment as well as simple sampling at the front and USB data recording for evaluation in Excel.


Long-lasting, reliable and low on maintenance

Just as with the other HB-Therm units, a striking feature of Treat-5 is its sturdy construction. The hydraulic circuit is made up in its entirety of corrosion-resistant materials. The stainless steel pump has no seals and the medium-disconnected level gauge functions ultrasonically in a fail-safe manner. The filter basket for removing coarse dirt can be easily and rapidly extracted and also cleaned.


Treat-5: Goes easy on the environment

In any case, Treat-5 operates in a way that goes easy on both energy and the environment. The unit pump only runs for as long as is absolutely necessary. Recycling the system water reduces both water consumption and the use of conditioners. The overall capacity of the system water circuit determines the number of temperature control units that can be attached to Treat-5. Treat-5 works fully automatically after the once-only addition of treatment agents. It is thus a unit the use of which represents a paying proposition from the very beginning.