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Hildebrand Technology Gema Switzerland 29. June 2021

Ionisation system for thermoforming lines: Bachmann Forming

BACHMANN FORMING AG develops customised, intelligent packaging solutions and manufactures to the highest quality standards. Thanks to iONstream 4.0, the thermoformed trays are guaranteed to be unloaded, enabling a fast and smooth process.

Semadeni Plastics Group 13. November 2018

Fertilizer from urine – bottles made from recycled material

Valuable nutrients are extracted from urine and used as fertilizer using a new recycling process. The Semadeni Plastics Group produces the packaging material of the fertilizer, consisting of 100% recycled PET, and thus makes a further important contribution to the recycling economy.

MAPAG Maschinen AG 26. July 2018

ILLIG new packaging laboratory bundles Pactivity® activities

ILLIG in Heilbronn opens a state-of-the-art packaging laboratory for customized packaging development in the thermoforming sector, a real customer benefit

MAPAG Maschinen AG 20. July 2018
Product Highlight

ILLIG automatic pressure forming machine IC-RDM73K

ILLIG in Heilbronn has developed a new state of the art pressure forming machine with high output and a quick-change tooling system for thermoforming cups.

MAPAG Maschinen AG 19. July 2018
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ILLIG thermoforming machine RD74d

ILLIG has developed a brandnew thermoformer, which can be operated with up to 3 bar compressed air and with inexpensive tools. Further, quick and easy tool changes minimize downtimes. MAPAG Maschinen AG is your contact in Switzerland and Lichtenstein for this machine.

NETSTAL Maschinen AG 27. February 2017
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PET-LINE from NETSTAL is a state-of-the-art production system for PET preforms and stands for maximum profitability, efficient production and lowest energy consumption.

Dolder-Bigler AG 12. December 2016
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DOW™ uses science to find lasting solutions that ensure a much better, safer and healthier life. DOW™ offers a wide range of innovative products and services for agriculture, food, electronics and communications.

Semadeni Plastics Group 8. September 2016

Trigger bottles made out of 100% recycled PET

Fripoo Produkte AG, based in Grüningen, has started to put their cleaning agent into spray bottles made from PET, a substance made from 100% recycled material. Semadeni Plastics Group is the manufacturer.

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